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Theoretical Physycs Group at Scuola Normale Superiore
Piazza dei Cavalieri, 7
56100 Pisa PI - Italy
ph. +39 050 509203
ph. +39 050 509111

Research Group in Theoretical Physics

The group is composed of faculty, visitors, post-doc and graduate students.

We work in close connection with the Astrophysics group of the SNS and with the theoretical physics group of the INFN Section in Pisa, of which we are members.

Our external financial sources are:

  1. INFN, projects PI21, PD51 and TV12;
  2. EU, contracts MRTN-CT-2004-503369 (coord. R.Barbieri);
  3. ERC Grant n. (SUPERFIELDS), P.I. S. Ferrara (CERN), Scientist in Charge of the INFN portion A. Sagnotti;
  4. MIUR-PRIN ;
  5. MIUR-PRIN 2009-KHZKRX  (Coord. Naz. A. Sagnotti).

Our group organizes every year in Pisa a series of seminars devoted to several aspects of the Fundamental Interactions, partly funded by INFN, which includes a topical week.

Forthcoming events

Symmetries of the universe and of the fundamental interactions
16-17 May 2013, Pisa
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Dip. di Fisica "Galileo Galilei", Padova
Lezioni di dottorato in Fisica Teorica
1-5 July 2013, Padova
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