VIII Avogadro Meeting on String Theory, Supergravity and Gauge Theories

December 19 21 2012


How to reach us

The Airport of Pisa is close to the city center and is served by major airlines, with flights from Milano, Roma, London, Paris and many other Italian, European and international cities.

The Airport of Firenze is also rather close to Pisa, and has connections to several Italian, European and international cities. It is linked to the Train Station of Santa Maria Novella in Firenze by shuttle buses. There are several trains connecting every day Firenze and Pisa in about one hour, typically every thirty minutes.

Other possible airports that may be convenient are those of Genova and Roma.

Scuola Normale can be reached from the Airport of Pisa taking bus n. 3 and getting off at "Ponte di Mezzo". After crossing the bridge, continue straight along Borgo Stretto and turn left on via Ulisse Dini. After about 200 m. you will reach Piazza dei Cavalieri, where several buildings of Scuola Normale are located.

You can also take a taxi from the Airport to Scuola Normale for about €12.

By train:

The main station is "Pisa Centrale". It is close to the city center, about 1 km away from Scuola Normale. Pisa is connected with all main European cities by train via Firenze, Torino, Genova or Roma.

Please Note:

Train tickets without pre-assigned seats must be validated at the yellow boxes before getting on board.

Scuola Normale can be reached from the train station by bus (or by taxi, for about €8). You can even walk to Scuola Normale from the station in about 20 minutes.

Map from Railway station to School

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