Lezioni di dottorato in fisica teorica

1-5 July 2013, Padova

Lectures and topics

Massimiliano Grazzini (Zurich U. & INFN Firenze)
QCD and Collider Physics (10 hours)

  • QCD lagrangian and Feynman rules, asymptotic freedom, infrared divergences
  • Deep inelastic scattering and the factorization theorem
  • Scaling violations, DGLAP equation and its solution
  • QCD at hadron colliders, factorization theorem and the Drell-Yan process
  • Higgs production, Parton distribution functions, Jets.

Slava Rychkov (CERN)
Phases of Quantum Field Theory (10 hours)

  • Wilsonian picture of renormalization group (RG)
  • Effective field theory
  • Possible symmetries of the S matrix
  • Emergence and its limitations (Weinberg-Witten theorem)
  • Monotonicity constraints on RG flows
  • Conformal invariance

Roberto Contino (Sapienza U. & INFN Roma)
Enrico Trincherini (SNS & INFN Pisa)
Andrea Wulzer (Padova U. & INFN Padova)