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Monday 7

8.30-8.55. Registration.
8.55-9.00. Welcome address.
9.00-9.50. Nicola Gigli (SISSA). Schroedinger problem and Wasserstein geodesics.
10.00-10.50. Allen Tannenbaum (Stony Brook University, New York). Optimal Mass Transport and the Robustness of Complex  Networks.
10.50-11.30. Coffee break.
11.30-12.20. Shin-ichi Ohta (Kyoto University). Some functional inequalities on non-reversible Finsler manifolds.


14.30-15.20. Yann Brenier (E´cole Polytechnique). Hidden convexity for some gradient flows in spaces of differential forms.
15.30-16.20.  Max Fathi (UC  Berkeley).        Deficit estimates for the Entropy Powerinequality.
16.20-16.50. Coffee break.
16.50-17.40. Simone Di Marino (Paris-Sud University). DFT, multimarginal opti- mal transport and Lieb-Oxford inequalities.


Tuesday 8

9.00-9.50. Fabrice Baudoin (University of Connecticut). Differential forms on Dirichlet spaces and Bakry-Emery estimates on metric graphs.
9.55-10.45. Mark Peletier (Eindhoven University of Technology). Convergence  of many-dislocation evolutions with multiple signs.
10.45-11.15. Coffee break.
11.15-12.05. Sergio Caracciolo (Milan University). Random and Euclidean Bipartite Matching Problem.
12.10-13.00. Wilfrid Gangbo (Georgia Institute of Technology). Paths of minimal length in the class of exact k-differential forms.


14.30-15.20. Pierre Cardaliaguet (Paris Dauphine University). The master equa- tion in mean field games.
15.25-16.15. Luigi De Pascale (Florence University). On multimarginal Optimal Transportation with Coulomb cost.
16.20-16.50. Coffee break.
16.50-17.40. Matthias Erbar (Bonn University). A gradient flow approach to the Boltzmann equation.
17.45-18.35. Massimo Fornasier (Technical University of Munich). Learning and Sparse Control of Multiagent Systems.


Wednesday 9

9.00-9.50.  Filippo  Santambrogio  (Universit´e  Paris-Sud).  Flow  interchange  tech- niques and the time-discretization of variational Mean Field  Games.
9.55-10.45. Martin Huesmann (Bonn University). The geometry of multi-marginal Skorokhod  embedding.
10.45-11.15.  Coffee break.
11.15-12.05. Maria Colombo (ETH/University of Zurich). Lipschitz Changes of Variables between Perturbations of Log-Concave Measures.
12.10-13.00. Jan Maas (IST, Wien). Gradient flow structures for quantum evolution equations with detailed balance.


Free  afternoon


Thursday 10

9.00-9.50. Andrea Mondino (Zurich University). Sectional (and intermediate Ricci) curvature lower bounds via Optimal Transport.
9.55-10.45. Gabriel Peyre  (Paris  Dauphine  University).  From  Monge-Kantorovich to Gromov-Wasserstein: Numerical Optimal Transport Between Several Metric Spaces. 10.45-11.15. Coffee break.
11.15-12.05. Kazumasa  Kuwada  (Tokyo  Institute  of  Technology).  Monotonicity and Rigidity of the -entropy on RCD(0, N ) spaces.
12.10-13.00.  Jean-David  Benamou  (INRIA). Monge-Amp`ere  Based  Optimal  Trans- portation Solvers.


14.30-15.20. Shouhei Honda (Tohoku University). Ricci curvature and orientability. 15.25-16.15. Daniel Matthes (Technical University of Munich). A gradient flow approach to multi-component Cahn-Hilliard systems.
16.20-16.50.  Coffee break.
16.50-17.40. Matthias Liero (WIAS, Berlin). On geodesic curves and convexity of functionals with respect to the Hellinger-Kantorovich distance.
17.45-18.35.  Leonard  Monsaingeon  (Istituto  Superior  T´ecnico,  Lisboa).  Incom- pressible immiscible multiphase flows in porous media: a variational approach.


Friday 11

9.00-9.50. Karl-Theodor Sturm (Bonn University). Heat flow on time-dependent metric measure spaces and super Ricci flows.
10.00-10.50. Guillaume Carlier (Paris Dauphine University). Numerical methods for Wasserstein gradient flows.
10.50-11.30.  Coffee break.
11.30-12.20. Nassif Ghoussoub (University of British Columbia). Optimal Mass Transport for Ballistic Costs:  Factorizations, Existence and Mean Field  Games.