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Domenica Seminara (Firenze U. & INFN)

Status report on 3D supersymmetric Wilson loops: facts and surprises

In three dimensional supersymmetric field theories the zoology of Wilson loops is particularly rich. We can construct either bosonics loops, where the usual gauge connection is dressed up with bilinears in the scalars, or fermionic loops, where it is embedded in a superconnection containing the spinor fields as well. Many exacts results for these quantities can be obtained through localisation, however matching these results with actual perturbative computation in QFT is quite subtle. In this context we shall recall some basics examples and discus the role of the so-called “framing’’ phase, which is now a non-trivial function of the coupling contrary to the case of pure Chern-Simons theory. At the end we shall briefly show how to use these results to compute “unprotected” (non-supersymmetric) quantities, such as the bremsstrahlung function.