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Martino Borsato (Santiago de Compostela U.)

Anomalies in B-decays: an experimental perspective

Weak heavy flavour decays provide a rich laboratory to search for effects of new physics with very high sensitivity, especially if the new dynamics does not share the same structure and symmetries of the Standard Model. In recent years LHCb has found hints of deviations from the Lepton Universality (LU) accidental symmetry of the Standard Model in semileptonic b-quark transitions of the type bโ†’s๐“๐“ (with ๐“=e, ยต) as well as bโ†’c๐“ฮฝ (with ๐“=ยต, ฯ„). None of these deviations is statistically significant in isolation, but taken together they seem to exhibit a pattern coherent with a common source of LU violation. In this seminar, I will summarise the experimental results obtained by LHC experiments and B-factories, giving special focus to the novel sophisticated techniques used to perform these measurements at LHCb. Moreover, I will discuss the prospects for future measurements possible with the additional data being collected at the LHC and the interplay with the near-future Belle-II experiment.