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Mehrdad Mirbabayi (ICTP)

Soft theorems and black hole information, lecture 1

1) Review of Weinberg soft photon/graviton theorems.
2) Review of current algebra methods.
3) Derivation of the soft theorems using current algebra methods.
4) Connection to cosmological soft theorems.

Some references:
S. Weinberg, “Infrared photons and gravitons,” Phys. Rev. 140 (1965) B516–B524.
Bando,Kugo, Yamawaki, "Nonlinear realization and hidden local symmetries,".
M. Mirbabayi and M. Simonovic, “Weinberg Soft Theorems from Weinberg Adiabatic Modes,” arXiv:1602.05196 [hep-th].