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Theoretical Physycs Group at Scuola Normale Superiore
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56100 Pisa PI - Italy
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Rashmish Mishra (SNS & INFN, Pisa)

Asymptotic Symmetries and Holography

Past few years have seen a resurgence in theoretical activities towards understanding the symmetries of gauge theory and gravity. Recent work has pointed to a 2D CFT like structure in the S-matrix of the scattering amplitudes in flat space. In this talk, I will use holography to generalize the idea to 4D AdS space, where previously such symmetries were thought to be absent. Asymptotic symmetries of AdS space are shown to arise by a Chern-Simons gauging of the dual CFT, in a large probe limit, and restricting to a subspace of the AdS boundary. An analog of "super-rotation symmetry of flat space" is probed by 3D Einstein gravity, while the maximal symmetry is probed by 3D conformal gravity. This construction naturally addresses several issues from flat space analysis, and clarifies the sense in which these infinite charges can diagnose complex 4D states.